Dreams: Life After Sleep

Human beings experience three stages during the phase of sleep.

State of awakening.



In other words, or technical vocabulary, you can also call the last two phases of the mind, conscious and unconscious.

The state in which we sit, work, speak and listen is considered a waking state.

The state of our sleep, when our body rests and the mind goes into the world of dreams, is considered the second state.

When not only our body but also the mind goes into a state of rest, that is the third state.

This state is considered very close to the state of being unconscious.

A Bit of Calculations

On average, every human experiences this state of sleeping for a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes.

Those who worry a lot experience this state for a maximum of 4 to 5 mins during their sleep cycle.

Few could enjoy this only for 1 minute or so, and many people do not enter into this sleep pattern even for a minute in their 7 to 8 hours sleep cycle.

Isn’t strange?

You may not believe this theory of mine which is scientifically proven.

People who are overly worried or over-excited keep on dreaming continuously throughout their sleep duration of 6-7 or 8 hours.

Even after such a long sleep, their mind could not rest for a minute.

As a result, they wake up in the morning feeling tired; their body feels broken.

It is because their mind was at work the whole night.

They were in the dream phase of sleep throughout the night, or whatever time they were sleeping.

As a result, the body managed to rest, but the mind could not.

Those who feel tiredness or breakdown of the body as soon as they wake up in the morning are victims of mental exhaustion and not physical exhaustion.

Now the question is :

Why do we dream?

Do you know the answer to this?

It is believed that if a person’s wish is not fulfilled during the day, it will be fulfilled in dreams at night.



Let me tell you more about it.

Dreams have a vast and deep relation with our mental board.

Whatever we do in a whole day, want to do in a day, or tend to do in a day, reflects back in the night in our dreams.

Perhaps that is why not only in Indian culture but people of every religion and class advise to meditate and thank God before sleeping at night.

Now the question arises, is it possible to see dreams of your liking?

Can we choose our dreams as per our wishes?

Before proceeding, let me know your thoughts as my reader.

Please comment and let me know your views.

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Is It Possible To Have Dreams of Our Choice?


Now, yes, we can choose the type of dreams we want to see.

Or we can select as per our interest.


As I told earlier, dreams come to us only about those things which have not happened to us in life.

Our unfulfilled desires seem to be falling on us in our dreams.

Even psychiatrist believes in this theory now.

It is a scientifically well-proven fact now.

Yes, it is believed that God fulfils those wishes in dreams at night, which are not fulfilled in our day.

Otherwise, a burden will remain on our minds; as a result, everyone in the world will go into depression.

For example, During the day, if a person desired to insult another person and could not do it for some reason, he would get a chance to do that in his dream.

If someone desires to buy a particular thing and cannot do it, then he will surely get the opportunity to do it in his dreams.

It must be funny for many of my readers, but one should not take lightly the concept of dreaming.

Do not take dreams lightly; scientists worldwide are engaged in research on this.

These days most physiotherapists start their patient’s treatment based on the dreams that the patient have.

These dreams help them to guess the state of the patient’s mind.


It is the law of nature that nothing is born without a seed.

Everything has a seed.

Similarly, dreams also have seeds.

And those seeds are our desires, our thinking, our demands.

“Follow Your Dreams, They Know The Way”

Fun Facts About Dreams

I’d like to tell you another interesting fact.

And like other things, you may agree with me on this too.

The dream born in our mind affects our body as well.

Then no matter what the state may be, waking or during the dream.

For example,

The human being will be affected by any action done in dreams precisely as it would happen from that state while awake.

That’s why we sometimes notice people smiling, crying, or murmuring while sleeping and dreaming.

Karma done in dreams will affect us in the same way as it does when awake.

And that’s the truth.

Though a bitter one.

One more interesting fact I would like to share with you guys.

And I am sure every single human being must have experienced this.

Do you know that there is a problem with dreams?

You can call it a technical or logical problem.

If the dream is blissful, we wake up, and the dream breaks.

Also, sometimes even if we have a terrible or scary dream, we get disturbed in our sleep, and the dream breaks.

Do you Agree?

And do you know why this happens?

It happens for a simple reason; as said earlier, our mind affects our body.

A Small Story About Dreams

 Once Mahatma Buddha suddenly got up while sleeping. A lot of trouble was visible on his face.

The minister asked: What happened, King?

I had an awful dream, Buddha replied.

I dreamed that I had become a butterfly and was hovering around the flowers.

The minister started saying: Sir, what is scary in this?

There is nothing to fear in this.

The reply of mahatma Buddha was intense and meaningful.

Buddha said I think that if I can become a butterfly in my dream, why can’t a butterfly become Buddha in her dream.

So, friends,

Dreams play a significant role in our life. They have not only a significant impact on our minds but also our bodies.

That’s why it becomes imperative what we think and do throughout the day.

Therefore, please think and do positive things, especially before bed.

Happy Dreaming!

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