Hello! Welcome to my blog, and thank you for pausing by.

My name is Harpreet Singh Jassal, and I am from a small town in Punjab (The Northern Part of India).

Although I was born in West Bengal, my entire education and upbringing were done in Punjab. I graduated from the Punjab Technical University Jallandhar with a B.Tech in Computer Science and then worked my way around many IT companies in India.

Throughout my software career, I struggled with the mundane nature of this world. I didn’t like working at one place on the same computer with a regular shift and doing the same shit.

Since my childhood, I have wanted to be an Entrepreneur. I always dreamed of following my passion and living every day, not just on weekends.

I also started a business to fulfill this dream, but due to less experienced and over-excitement, I lost all in a single delivery. Thanks to my family, who supported me and helped me overcome my losses.

I am in a recovering phase and hopefully will regain all again very soon.

I love travelling and meeting new people on the road. Exploring new food is my hobby. I always wanted to do more without the deadline.

People Say that “Actual life starts after 40”.

Though I am not forty, I will surely reach it soon.

And believe me, I am determined this time. I wanted to do something meaningful for myself, my family, and the world.

Therefore, I now call myself: “Engineer by head and Blogger by Heart.”

I hope you will find everything here that you are looking for.

Thank You All Once Again.