Time – Don’t Be The Rarest Kind to Misuse it Like This.

“Time Is Precious”

A Brief Introduction

The human process of Inhaling and exhaling, the life given to us by the almighty, and the time we all have.

These all are very precious and priceless.

Out of the uncountable blessings of God which we have, Can you select one that is the most treasured for you?

Well, Let me tell you mine.


Yes, Indeed, time is one of the most valuable assets every human has.

But do you know what the biggest tragedy of humankind is?

It has become human nature to waste the most prized gift.

I think we do not fruitfully utilize the time.

I don’t want you guys to feel offended about it, as it is my perspective.

But if we give it a second thought, don’t you think this is something bizarre?

Isn’t that ridiculous?

We are misusing something that is very invaluable, something priceless.

How Do We Waste Our Time?

Friends, perhaps you all know we waste time in many different ways.

Some by watching tv, some by using social media, and so on.

But tell you, we are not the ones who misuse time. It’s the time that takes advantage of us.

And let me also add; those who waste time, in the end, time wastes their life.


You must be thinking, if people waste their most prestigious boon, i.e., time, then how come people succeed?

For me;

Certain people do not waste their time at all.

They are conscious of their time. They are awake.

And only those who are awake and aware of their goals not waste their time.

As I mentioned earlier, there are different patterns of wasting time.

There are boundless methods if someone is looking forward to wasting their time.

But you will be amazed to know that there is one category that uniquely wastes their time.

And this category is very rare to find.

Because this species wastes its time, and you know How?

They waste their time in the belief that a time will come which will be favorable to them.

Yes, yes, It is true.

These are the kind of people who waste their present in the hope of a promising future.

They feel that there will come a time when these people will start their new work or project.

But let me add:

“There is no good time to do good things”

If an astrologer says you should not do this work for three months, then people will waste their three months doing nothing.

They wait for three months or so because so-and-so said.

The Division of Time

Generally, time is divided into two parts.

Good and bad

Auspicious time, and inauspicious time, i.e., not good.


In many religions, the year, month, and seasons are also seen with the criteria of auspiciousness and inauspiciousness.

And if the current generation asks the question, what are the parameters based on which this division is made, then possibly no one will have a solid answer.


Talk about any era, century, year, or whatsoever.

You will never find a time when all people are good or bad.

Mahatma Buddh said 2500 years ago that do not steal.

Do not oppress people.

It means that even in those days, there were thefts, and bad people were active.

Good and bad kinds of people were balanced, no matter what time of year we talked about.

In other words, time is not good or bad.

It is the people who are good or bad.

We created the calendar for our convenience.

The human discovered clock is for his comfort.

We divided time into hours, minutes, and seconds for our convenience so that we could utilize time properly and with ease.

January to December, Monday to Sunday, Hours, and Seconds are the names and nothing else.

Otherwise, these do not hold any importance in the life of animals.

But yes, seasons and days and nights play a vital role in our life and with animals.

But, further breaking these seasons and nights and days in segments is why they brought evolution to humanity.

Time is the most important factor that makes us superior to animals.

We, as humans, learned to manage time, and thus we learned to manage resources better than animals.

Therefore, undoubtedly, time is the most critical invention of humankind.

The Conclusion

So friends

Don’t waste time waiting for time. Try to use whatever time you have properly. If you manage to make your today successful, I am sure your tomorrow will be easier than you can imagine.

Time changes with a person’s attitude.

Take my advice,

Start with good intentions, try something for a reason, and believe me, all will be well.

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